1. (a) list (for) all (of) the time; a manual;
      2. find a dumpster; find food; find yrself;
      3. zip tiez, like, the really big zip tiez, probably need like 4 to 6 & some thick plastic bagz
      4. helium doesn’t feel like suffocating {{citation needed}}
      5. remember a typewriter (maude) 
      6. bawdy bob mackie gown (don’t tell anyone yr exit plan)
      wtf does a good note do, for me anyway
      how fast is too hard; how slow is too soft;
      but, like, word play: who r u
      what to do here, or there, or whenever u like
      on making movement: on making sound: on making discussion:
      on collaboration or whatever 
      make a form that people like ohyeah, make what people like
      on keeping to yrself: hmm u sure? 
      on relative structure: watch out for recursion
      and again, on what to do: «…» 

      “so, whose perceptual problem is this?” 
        recorded in 2017 @LACUNA in portland, oregon
        3dwardsharp & twon moss
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«death & respiratory distress»
      or also i’m like, nah, imma see old
      death can be comfortable 
      just gotta wear it right (i know, right?) 
      you know what they say about people who talk to catz? (i hope it’s not true.)
      homesexualz & vicodin 
      you’re necessary
      blood stainz
      my blood
      your necessary 
      blood stainz
      my blood
      sit, stand, sit, stand
sheridan lounge
      divorced, without children, after
      *** drinking became a problem

      ***** ***, * *** **** ** ** **** ***** ****

      it is believed that ** took shelter in
      the used-car lot and died a few 
      dayz later of *** injuriez 

      chargerz were later dropped as the prosecution
      decided that *** did not participate in the crime 

      - - - 

      going home to a jail cell t'nite 
      four white guyz at the watering hole 
      say **** ***** **** ** ******
      the prosecution decided that *** did not
      participate in the crime
      four white guyz stuff him in the trunk

      dam that sheridan is sure fine

      waking up in the trunk

      dam that sheridan is sure fine

      blood spillz onto the dance floor
      somebody's gonna need
      to clean that up

      four white guyz put 'em in the cab
      and left 'em on the lot
      ain't nobody gonna buy that truck
      what's wrong with your face?
      gimmie a beer.

      waking up in the trunk

      dam that sheridan is sure fine
jenny holzer
ruin your fucking self before they do. otherwise they'll screw you because you're a nobody. they'll keep you alive but you'll have to crawl and say 'thank you' for every bone they throw. it's better to stay drunk or shoot junk and be a crazy fucker. if the rich guys want to play with you, make them get their hands dirty. send them away gagging, or sobbing if they're softhearted. you'll be left alone if you're frightening, and dead you're free! you can turn the radiant child into a reflection of the shit you were meant to serve.
      walk around the perimeter
      erase without destroying
      bitcoin transaction. do it, xfer some crypto currency 
      plan a party
      call a random phone number 
      fill out a comment card 
1bangr_00.mp3 1bangr_01.mp3 1bangr_02.mp3
get a better name a/v: batt-op audio recording device & tripod/friend video recording device (note: minimum 2 devicez). start record at same time, wander. upload footage to the interwebz as yr better name/moniker/internet_handle thank yoursel(f)(vez)
༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
      publish 1 minute of audio/video, don't think about it too much.
      what about a photo? 
      maybe just a little dance & little ditty? 
      a few linkz might save yr life.
      fingerz == okay
      camera == heating up
      voice == p good
      brain == ai on fire
tape loopz:
1. “people like you. you like people.”
2. “there’s something wrong with you, nobody likes you. you’ve got serious problems.”
3. “you feel friendly towards people. you like to feel intimate with others. you can get along with people by being yourself. you feel neat and tidy. if you see paper on the floor, you pick it up.”
4. “do you realize that you are a very hostile person? do you know that you are hostile with the nurses? do you know that you are hostile with the patients? why do you think you are so hostile? did you hate your mother? did you hate your father?”